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Blackjack Night – 2017

Planned schedule for Backjack Night (subject to change)

First round- 49 players – 7 tables:

  1. This is not gambling. The participants put up no money. It is a prize give-away as there is no risk.
  2. There will be up to 7 tables with 7 players per table. Each player can declare one replacement.
  3. Each spot will be given $100 in play chips.
  4. The game is $5 minimum $25 maximum bet blackjack played by the basic rules according to Hoyle.
  5. The following variations apply … Blackjack pays 2-1 (rather than 3-2) and there is no insurance bet.
  6. The games are dealt out of 6 deck shoes. Once a shoe is finished the dealer will declare a shuffle, shuffle, have a player cut the cards, put the deck in the shoe, burn the first card, and continue the game.
  7. The first round will continue for between 55 minutes and 1 hour 10 minutes. I will set a timer and declare last hand.
  8. The first and second place winners will advance to the second round.
  9. All winners will receive a prize. (14 prizes)

Second round 14 players- 2 tables:

  1. The second round will begin 15 minutes after the first round is completed and the winners declared.
  2. Each player will again be given $100 in chips and play as in the first round. There is no carry over of the chips won in the first round.
  3. Play will continue as in the first round.
  4. The top winners will advance to the final table.
  5. No new prizes are awarded to the second-round winners

Final round 7 players one table:

  1. The final round will be played as the others..
  2. Winners will be declared after the last hand is declared.
  3. The top 3 chip holders will win prizes

All disputes will be judged by the dealer and the determination final. The dealers are amateurs and mistakes will be made. Misdeals will be handled as such and the dealers will make the declaration and proceed as trained. 

Dealers and helpers will be dressed in black slacks or skirts and white shirts.

Other fun games will be conducted during the blackjack tournament