LYC is by its Members, for its Members. The spirit of volunteerism is a core tenet of our Club and one which underpins our governance, management and commitment to preserving beloved traditions for generations to come.  We welcome you to get involved and forge friendships that will last a lifetime!

Our Members Make Our Club

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Vice Commodore

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Fleet Captain

Board of Trustees

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Staff Officers




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Assistant Secretary


Membership Committee

Our Membership Committee consists of five members who investigate all applicants for membership and personally interview the same. The Committee supervises the conduct of the membership in general and oversees the Hospitality Committee, which welcomes new members at Club functions and assists them in getting acquainted with members.

House Committee

Our House Committee supervises the management of the the R to R Room, Commodore's Lounge and Junior Bar, the procuring and duties and activities of the stewards generally, opening and closing of the Club daily and for the season and any duties of a like nature.

Service, Events & Activities (SEA) Committee

The Service, Events & Activities (SEA) Committee assists at and enhances many club functions and activities, both social and sailing. They support traditional LYC activities such as the Opening Day Cocktail Party, 4th of July Party, Champagne Breakfast, Past Commodore’s Dinner and Closing Cocktail Party. In addition, opportunities are provided to join the LYC Book Club, Stitching and Crafts Club and to play bridge and mah jongg.
The SEA provides a great opportunity to renew old acquaintances, meet new friends and become involved in LYC activities!

Regatta Planning Committee

The Regatta Committee, consisting of five members, supervises and controls all racing activities. The Committee annually allots racing dates and sanctions races and controls all activities relating to course charts, signals, buoys, measurements, scoring, excused cuts, starting and allied subjects. The Committee may modify races at its discretion in consideration of weather conditions or time factors and receives and decides upon any protests. The Committee is also responsible for the starting gun and ammunition, enforcing equipment regulations for racing contenders and procuring pennants, flags and special prizes for club races.

Building & Grounds Committee

The Building & Grounds Committee is responsible for the physical maintenance, repairs and improvements of the club building and grounds, other than the docks and marina.

Junior Activities Committee

The Junior Activities Committee establishes a schedule for social functions for our junior members and is responsible for all equipment pertaining to junior activities (except club-owned boats). The Committee also supervises the conduct of junior members and any junior meetings.

Junior Sailing Committee

The Junior Sailing Committee is comprised of at least two members who are appointed annually by the Commodore. The Committee interviews prospective sailing instructors for the junior program and makes hiring recommendations to the Commodore regarding the same. In addition, the Committee establishes the schedule for junior sailing events and sailing instruction and oversees the junior program and its instructors on a day-to-day basis.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee disseminates news, announcements and the results of social and sporting events at the Club. The Committee also publishes The Scuttlebutt, our weekly newletter that keeps members apprised of the many happenings at and around the Club. For additional details or to get involved, contact Nick Maida.

Trophy & Awards Committee

The Trophy & Awards Committee procures the various new trophies and supervises the repair and return of perpetual trophies. The Committee prepares and supervises the balloting for specified categories to be so decided and determines the winners of such awards. Finally, the Committee computes the winners of various sailing events from the offficial scores and procures pennants, flags and like materials.

Docks & Channels Committee

The Docks & Channels Committee, chaired by the Rear Commodore, is responsible for the care and maintenace of the Club's docks, channels and marina.

Nominating Committee

The Commodore annually appoints a five-member Nominating Committee at the first regular membership meeting of the club.

Planning Committee

The Planning Committee determines the present and future capital improvement needs of the Club, investigates such needs and makes recommendations to the Board of Governors regarding such improvements. The Committee plans and obtain estimates for such capital improvements, oversees the implementation of the projects and verifies final installation.

Historian Committee

The Historian Committee is responsible for documenting, preserving and displaying the history of Lavallette Yacht Club. For additional details or to get involved, contact Fran Angiuoli.

Yearbook Committee

The Yearbook Committee publishes the annual LYC Directory and Yearbook and performs associated duties.

Extenders Committee

The Extenders Committee coordinates activities at the club before and after the official season.

Boat Engineers Committee

The Boat Engineers Committee, chaired by our Fleet Captain, maintains all of the power boats owned and operated by the Club.