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Fall Clean-Up - Thank You!

A big thank you goes out to the LYC members who volunteered this past Saturday on an overcast and breezy day to help at the Fall Clean-Up. We were able to get the club ready for its winter rest in record time.

Thanks again everyone, have a good winter and we'll see you in the spring!

-Buildings & Grounds Committee


List of Volunteers

John Applegate                Dave Applegate                Manny Rey Bill Smith                         Jack Hammond                 FC Ken Dolan Dave Finter                      Ed and Kim Thayres         Jack Costello Marty Unfried                   Bob Reedy                         Don Rubino Ellen and Commodore   George Anderson             Clem Boyers PC John Broderick           Jamie and RC Brad Wright Janet and PC Chris Malzone Noel Cram                       Ruthe and Larry Oliver Steve and Debbie Fitzpatrick June Chomuk                   Bob Fiero                             Sheila and Vince Porcelli Dean Horrocks                 Jeff Kinear                           Bob Kuhne                       PC Paul Wright                  


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